20 parks within 20 minutes of 20/Twenty Towns

20/Twenty is the perfect nest for those who like to get out of the house and enjoy local green spaces. Whether it’s going for a casual jog or walk, playing outdoor sports, or taking the kids to the playground, there is no shortage of parks in the Camilla Park Neighbourhood of South Mississauga to meet those needs and more.

Here are 20 parks you will find just steps from your door.

  1. Camilla Park
    It’s the park the neighbourhood is named after. Camilla Park features two large playgrounds on either end and lots of shaded space. Be sure to bring some bread to feed the ducks that occupy the Camilla River that flows through the park.
  2. Port Credit Memorial Park
    Port Credit Memorial Park has it all. Here you’ll find playgrounds, trails with stunning views of Lake Ontario, and even a lighthouse. With events and festivals running at the park year-round, Port Credit Memorial is a must-see for locals.
  3. Erindale Park
    At just over 222 acres, Erindale Park is the largest park in Mississauga. Here you’ll find all the necessities of cottage living, right in your backyard. This park boasts trails, picnic areas, BBQ pits, a playground, and is a favourite spot to go fishing or canoeing. Come winter, you’ll even find a toboggan hill.
  4. Munden Park
    Munden Park might not have all the flashy amenities that other parks on this list do, but it features a great playground that kids will want to visit again and again.
  5. Kariya Park
    This hidden gem makes up for its small size with a picturesque pond. Kariya Park is the city’s little piece of Japan. Come May, it’s the ideal spot to experience the beautiful cherry blossoms.
  6. Lakefront Promenade Park
    On the shores of Lake Ontario, Lakefront Promenade provides unobstructed views of the downtown Toronto skyline. With two man-made ponds, a playground, and even a splash pad, it’s the perfect place to be on a hot summer day.
  7. The Riverwood Conservancy
    The Riverwood Conservancy is a trail-seeker’s dream, with plenty of trails and access to Erindale Park for those looking to put on some real distance. The Conservancy also hosts many programs and camps for both adults and children. Here you’ll find a little something for everyone.
  8. St. Lawrence Park
    St. Lawrence Park offers breathtaking views of pristine waters on the shores of Lake Ontario. One of the city’s newest parks, it’s a great spot to take a relaxing walk.
  9. Hancock Woodlands Park
    A quiet wooded area just steps from 20/Twenty, Hancock Woodlands is the perfect spot to walk your four-legged friend. With a community garden, you’re welcome to leave your own mark while getting to know your neighbours.
  10. Cooksville Park
    Another quiet wooded area steps from your front door, Cooksville Park is the perfect backdrop for your evening stroll.
  1. Lummis Park
    You don’t have to go far to get a game of soccer going. Lummis Park has you covered. The large pitch is the highlight of this green space, which also features a playground.
  2. Brickyard Park
    Located next to Father Daniel Zanon School, Brickyard Park is a smaller space that packs a punch with two baseball diamonds, a soccer field, a playground, and even a splash pad in the summer.
  3. Cawthra Park
    Cawthra Park is great for a nice walk through the forest without leaving the city.
  4. JC Saddington Park
    Another one of Mississauga’s great lakefront parks, JC Saddington Park offers a great view of the Toronto skyline, while the sunken freighter at the end of the pier provides a stunning backdrop.
  5. Nine Creeks Trail
    Nine Creeks Trail, formerly known as the Lakeshore Royal Windsor Hydro One Corridor Multi-Use Trail, is a 9-km trail that, when completed, will extend from Winston Churchill Blvd east to Westfield Dr. The trail will provide a great space for walking and cycling and will be easily accessible from 20/Twenty.
  6. Dellwood Park
    With three tennis courts, a basketball court, and open space, Dellwood Park is a great place to start a pick-up game with friends, family, and neighbours.
  7. Mississauga Valley Park
    Located next to Mississauga Valley Community Centre, this park features tennis courts, multiple soccer fields, a splash pad, and nearby trails. An ice rink, indoor basketball courts, and a library can also be found inside the Community Centre.
  8. Iroquois Park
    Located between Cashmere Avenue Public School and Mary Fix Catholic School, Iroquois Park is a great green space with a soccer field and a small wooded trail ideal for walking the dog.
  9. Dr. Martin L. Dobkin Community Park
    Dr. Martin L. Dobkin Community Park has something for the entire family. It features a river trail, a playground for the kids, tennis courts, and a professional baseball diamond.
  10. Credit River Flats Park
    Credit River Flats Park is the ideal spot for a quiet walk along the river. You can also venture off the banks to enjoy fishing, canoeing, or kayaking.